Easily Save Hundreds, Magically Be Your Family\'s Hero

Hi, JP here, to tell you about a resource I found when researching what kind of savings could be  available when vacationing at Disney World, a booklet called the “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide“.

I travel extensively — over 200 nights a year in hotels, mainly around the US — and it has become true to me that a little preparation goes a long way in terms of savings. And this turned out to be particularly true when vacationing at Disney World.

Saving takes many aspects — one is obviously money, but just as important is time. If I have only five days to take a Disney World vacation, every minute saved by proper preparation adds up in more hours of vacationing before we have to leave.

Another important saving in my eyes is the emotional savings! I don’t know about you, but my vacations fast turn into hell when my wife or my kids find grounds to give me a hard time. And I found out that justifications only work to a small degree, especially when after traveling so much, I sure should have known better!

So I did some homework, and found Beth Haworth’s Savings Guide. I read it cover to cover, and here is my opinion about it:

Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

She calls it The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, and her title is very appropriate. She has put together an amazing collection of tips, and for $30 she over-delivers.

She goes into details (my absolute favorite saving tip in the guide) about where to lodge: inside or outside the resort. And while I knew (like any seasoned traveler) that outside the resort would be much cheaper, she provides a detailed step-by-step outline about how to get the unforgettable 5-star treatment inside at cheaper rates than the common 3-star “be grateful for what you have” miseries regular hotels around the corner have to offer.

She then explains in very simple terms how to get cheaper tickets. This is something I had spent some time researching personally before finding her guide, and my conclusion was that the tickets are the tickets, and no-one, without exceptions can sell them cheaper. There seems to simply be NO Disney World deals whatsoever for resort tickets!

However, Beth’s knowledge of Walt Disney World is such that she explains in very simple to understand terms how to economize a couple hundred bucks when buying the resort tickets. She also tells about free or discounted tickets, where to find them and what to check for so you don’t just get scammed and waste money and time.

Further, Beth has some very cool tips about how to deal with transportation, caring for small children, buying souvenirs, etc, all too numerous to mention here. Made me realize how much smoother my vacations can be now that I know these tips. I would have been sorry!

Her secrets and strategies about dining are absolutely priceless. Not only can you save bundles following her tips, but you can 10x the fun if you’re properly informed. Just knowing when to book what show/dinner will determine if you’ll be there or if you’ll be square.

Another aspect where she shines is about what theme park to see and in what sequence. The tip on page 72 about what park to see first and which to go to last will make a huge difference in the mood, restlessness and level of interest of your smaller children. You’ll be grateful you found out.

Last but not least, she has tons of tips for Florida residents – including what NOT to do for non-Florida residents – for UK residents, military personnel, about scooters, strollers, pets, wheelchairs, photographs, weddings, and on and on.

And don’t miss her Current Discounts and Specials section. Beth organized some special discounts with local restaurants, hotels, suppliers and vendors for her readers only, and just those will give you back many times the price of her guide.

And finally, Beth has a section called What’s New in the Update? which she updates very regularly – often many times per month – to provide her readers with the latest news, discounts, shows, restaurants coupons, hotel specials, attractions, etc, etc.




Probably not!

First, you have to shell out the value of a meal for two, ($30).

Second, I have heard people saying that you can get all this information on websites like the TripAdvisor for free. Is it true? Possibly. There are 45 millions reviews listed on that site alone!

Third, her guide is 145 pages long, and is packed with valuable information. It is easy to read, but it does take a few hours to get through the whole thing, and a few more to put it to use.



Despite the above, my response is YES, definitely YES!

- Beth’s goal is to help her readers always get the most value for their vacation dollar and the most magic out of every vacation minute. Looking at enjoying a week at the famous Disney World resort, with a spouse and let’s say 2 kids, we are realistically looking at spending 1 to 2 months of hard earned income! This guide will potentially allow one to get whatever he/she wants for half what one would have to pay without having Beth’s knowledge to hand. To give you an example of one 8 days/7 nights trip budget for 4 people – (2 adults, 2 children), Beth spent $1984. That’s less than $250 per day, or about $60 per day per person! And this included transportation, 5 nights at a Deluxe Disney Villa, dining at Disney restaurants, tickets that could get us into every Disney World Park, and souvenirs. You could easily spend as much just for a decent hotel – meaning clean, not fancy – and 2 frugal meals each, outside of the resort.

- Once one knows about a potential saving, one can probably find it even cheaper by searching on the internet! But I know I’d have missed 75% of her revealed savings just because I had no idea they even existed!

- If you only use 2 or 3 per cent of her tips, you can economize hundreds of dollars, possibly have your kid eat in the arm of Cinderella, or sleep in a Toy Story decorated room, with free transport from and to the airport for the same price as a cheap hotel outside the resort.

- There are expenses you cannot avoid, such as hotel, food and transport. If you had been to Disney World 10 times, you’d have knowledge that would allow you to save a lot of money just because you have the experience. Well, Beth has worked at the DisneyWorld resort, and she used to vacation at the resort once or twice per year for an entire week, year after year with her husband and their 2 children. She accumulated more experience than most of us could ever dream of acquiring, and she has been kind enough to put it in writing. Further, she keeps updating her work again and again, often multiple times each month. To me, even if I’d spend $100 to economize $200, it would be worth it. What about you? And she only asks for $30 while providing potential savings of $2-3000 per vacation!

So, if you want to get the most value for your vacation dollar and the most magic out of every minute while you are there, go ahead and visit Beth Howarth’s site and get yourself a copy of her Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.


You’ll be happy you did!

Sincerely, JP




A Walt Disney resort is the ultimate Disney experience – says Beth Haworth in her ebook The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011 – so if you just sleep at the hotel, eat breakfast there, and use their transportation to the park, you are missing much of the resort side of Disney resort activities, events, themed scenery, and beautiful swimming pools. Plan some time to just enjoy the resort.

If some of your family need an afternoon break from the heat—or an afternoon nap – how handy for part of the party to be able to hop onto free Disney transportation and make a short trip to your Disney Resort.


There are 22 Walt Disney resort options.

Each one is unique from looks to amenities to cost. Some Disney guests like to stay at a different resort every time, while some find one they particularly like and return every trip. Cost wise, most of the resort properties fall into the categories of Value, Moderate, and Deluxe:

Standard Value rooms sleep 4-5 guests and are most economical. Kids, especially at the All Star Movies, are everywhere, but the room are well insulated and allow you to rest peacefully – says Beth.  :-)

The All-Star Music Resort is the best value for 6 guests with a few family sized suites. Beth Oldest child prefers it. It has a pool in a piano shape and one in a guitar shape!

If you go with small kids, chose the All-Star-Movies. Request the building that interest your children as the room decor follows that theme. Beth’s little ones prefer Toy Story  over the other 4 themes. She warns that it is the most popular of all resorts and fills up fast. She also gives very precise tips concerning when to book!

Sports fan will like the All-Star-Sports!

Note, says Beth, “Don’t expect a 5-star resort if you are booking one of Disney’s Value Resorts. They are 3-star properties with small, modestly furnished rooms.

In general, Moderate and Deluxe Resort rooms that sleep 6 or more are spacious suites with extra amenities such as concierge service and a cost to match.

The Moderate Resorts have a more upscale atmosphere. Here you’ll find families with grade school to teenage children and couples. It is a quieter atmosphere than you’ll find at the All Star Resorts.

The Deluxe Resorts are simply … posh. At Animal Kingdom Lodge you can view the animals on the tundra from your balcony window. A standard room can be reserved for $240 + tax.

However, applying her 9 step tip described in her ebook, Beth has been able to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for less than some acquaintances stayed at a Value Resort, about $100/night. Many of her readers have had the same success and you can too!


Check out these benefits of staying at a Walt Disney Resort:

  • Extra Morning and Evening Magic Hours at selected parks
  • Guaranteed admission to the Disney World parks (during peak times, a park may fill up but as a Disney resort guest, you are always guaranteed entrance to the park)
  • Quick access to the parks via motor coach, monorail, or water taxis
  • Special Disney events for registered guests
  • Free shuttle from airport with Magical Express
  • Disney Cast Members available to answer your questions
  • Park purchases delivered to your hotel (from participating merchants)
  • Free parking at the parks ($14 value)


Looking for a resort special or a special resort?

If a Walt Disney resort is what you have your heart set on (especially if you can go in the off season), Beth’s ebook offers 6 additional resources to find discounted package deals. The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011 e-Book by Beth Haworth is updated many times per week to include the newest Disney World specials as soon as they come out and you will find them on the last page in the “What’s New in the Update.”



JP & Cathy
JP and Cathy

Who is Beth Haworth? In her own words, she is one of the world’s biggest Disney fans. “I loved every minute I worked at the park when I was in college and spent almost every minute of my off work time there as well.”

Beth Haworth - DWInsider Beth Haworth is a Former Disney Cast Member, she knows Disney World in and out. From reading her book The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011, you immediately realize how lucky you are to have found her. Her tips and deals are so real, you know she has been there done that. She is the most knowledgeable and caring Disney Tour guide you will ever meet! She will make it possible for you to stick to a budget!

Her readers are raving about the savings they made thanks to the information in her book:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the small, but there, special events weekend listings.  I rebooked today and saved over $700.00 by using just a few simple tricks I had read about since I rec’d a copy just a few days ago.”

“Thank you so much for your excellent book. I bought the book last November and went to Disney in December. On the hotel tip alone I saved $500. I can’t thank you enough. I made the trip as an anniversary gift to my wife for our first anniversary and because of you we got the 5 star treatment while paying the 2 star price!”

“I spent a couple of hours on the phone and secured a studio at SSR for 5 nights for $522.50 total. This same room “rack rate” was $1,569.40 — a savings of $1,046.90 on the room alone.”

“We actually felt like we were professional Disney goers and we’d been doing it all our lives….no stress…pre-planned….wonderful…..all because of your book. Thanks again!”

One of the thing she strongly recommend is to prepare your vacations and develop a budget:

  • The park tickets are purchased in advance at a discount price,
  • The hotel is booked, and
  • Transportation is arranged.

Pay in advance, and save. Work out your finances. Don’t buy on Credit and then spend months or years paying back with huge interest! Be smart with Credit cards! 1st get the money, then apply for the Disney Credit card. Purchase everything for the entire vacation with the Disney card, get tons of discounts and rebates, and Immediately Pay it back!

Budgeting a Disney World vacation is simple and easy until you arrive at the parks with all their temptations. What you could plan from home was the easy part! But now start the real challenge: what you didn’t predict and plan in your budget, the dreaded “impulse” purchases.

Now more than ever, you have to stick to a daily Disney day trip budget for food, drinks, souvenirs, and miscellaneous. How do you prevent the last minute temptations - take only the money you have budgeted with you for the day –  IN CASH; leave the rest in the hotel safe. No Credit card!

If these items aren’t in the budget, you can quickly spend an extra $200+ per day. Instead of having fun, you’ll be worrying about money.

And it is valid both for the kids AND the grown ups! When it’s gone, no more spending. You might love having the Disney logo clothes to wear today, but they won’t be nearly so trendy to your wardrobe once you are back home. Come back an other year with a higher budget if you want, but you felt good with your original budget, so stick to it!.

Trust your child and let him learn the value of money. What he has to spend for souvenirs or treats is what he has. When it is spent for that day, it is spent; if he spends his allotment in the first 30 minutes, he has made a choice to learn from; tomorrow can be a different choice.

Food portions are large at the restaurants, including at service counters. A hamburger and fries can be split between two children, or order a combo meal with an extra sandwich (you may not see the single sandwich as a menu option; just ask for it) and share the fries. Try to buy your sandwiches from a grocery store outside before coming in the morning. Carry some dry drink mixes (Kool Aid, lemonades, tea) and ask for a cup of ice water with your meal instead of a beverage. Two adults can split one meal, or two meals can be shared by three adults, and you will feel more comfortable than stuffing yourself or letting food go to waste. You don’t need to feel cheap or conspicuous when you do this; it is done all the time and no server will frown at you. They will be happy to supply the extra plate. Carry some dry snacks or fruit with you. If you watch your weight carefully, this is a good time to continue to do so.

Finally, do be sure that your budget has allowed $$ for some inevitable impulse buys—so on the last day, you won’t feel deprived and you will be pleased with yourself for winning the Disney challenge—succeeding at Disney on a budget.

I am so grateful for Beth’s sound advices. Her book is literally ”chock full of real savings and even more important, right up to date including current discounts and codes on Disney room offerings. So impressed am I!”

And you want to take advantage of her Disney World vacation packages: “Periodically Disney provides attractive discounts on vacation packages for the value and moderate resorts. I have received information on these promotions because I have provided Disney with contact information several ways: using a Disney Visa card, participating in surveys at the park, registering at the Disney World online site, and taking behind the scenes tours at the parks.”

Thank you Beth for the terrific value you so generously offer to your readers in your The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011. If you could spend the time to put all this information in writing and keep it current, I could not do any less than let my readers know about it. :-)

JP Bersier

Sincerely, JP

After having fully read her ebook The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011, I am amazed at the value Beth Haworth offers. My wife and myself would have economized hundreds of Dollars if we had had this information earlier! the good news, we will economize much more next time, and in addition we will get many times the value for our money.

This is an honest and unbiased review of The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011 e-Book, by Beth Haworth. If you just want to buy the book, just click here!

UDWSG by Beth Haworth

In her constantly updated ebook (many times per month!), Beth Haworth gives 145 pages of packed information, savings and tips about how to enjoy the most memorable and exquisite Disney World vacations 2011 at the best cost. She truly understands how to travel cheaper while traveling smarter and in style!

While I won’t nor cannot summarize her work in a few words, I want to share  some highlights!

In one section, Beth gives precise details about how she and her readers routinely spend less than $100/night for a 5 star Disney resort, with complimentary airport shuttle service, extra park hours, free transportation from the airport or free parking at the parks when one drives in. This can only be achieved with insider knowledge. However, it is not a matter of luck and it is not a matter of if. It is simply knowing how to, and preparing in advance! Beth tells you a secret: how ONE Hour of work can create an economy of $2500 for a one week vacation for 4 persons at the world famous Walt Disney World! This is why I personally call it THE ULTIMATE DISNEY WORLD SAVING GUIDE (link)

However, she also acknowledges 7 reasons why one would/should consider staying anywhere else than at a 5 star Home Away From Home Disney Resort:

1. If you are staying more than 5 days, you may not want to pay double cost for a Friday and a Saturday night. So stay off-site. (Note from Yours Truly: This is when you want to take advantage of my FREE 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS OFFER (Link))

2. If you have more persons in your group than can be accommodated in one room or suite or if you want a larger space. Or,

3. If you want extra amenities such as more privacy, work-out facilities, private swimming pool. And,

4. If you want laundry facilities in your unit. You’d need to stay off-site.

Beth mentions several options in Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, and further out in Winter Garden, Clermont, and Altamonte Springs. The options are:

 Hotels/motels

And, if you have a large number in your party, your most economical choice would possibly be

 Homes  Condos and villas

The best deals are in the off-season when hotels may be running at only 25% capacity.

5. If you need to stay close to a variety of low cost restaurants. Food in the resort area often costs 1 1/2 to 2 times what it does cost outside the park. Note that Beth did check on the policy of the resort, and you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food inside the gate, from a Grocery store.  She also tell about certain restrictions you don’t want to miss. (This alone can save you hundreds of dollars!)

6. If there are other locations you want to visit, such as Sea World or Universal Studios, it could be more convenient to stay closer to those.

But, as Beth recommends, make sure to ask the following questions and to study the map of the area before booking. This will allow you to avoid extra expenses and more importantly wasting precious vacation time for transportation. It may actually cost you more than the few dollars a “cheaper” hotel would save you if you need transportation to the park,

  • Does the hotel have a shuttle?
  • Is it free?
  • How long does it take to get to the park?
  • How many stops does it make?
  • How frequently does the shuttle run? Some have several in the morning, a couple in the afternoon, then several at closing. Some don’t!
  • Which parks are serviced by the shuttle? The shuttle may go to only one or two parks, and you will have to transfer to the park of your choice via Disney transportation.

All in all, you could waste hours in crowded transport before AND after you day at the park.

In summary, if you only have a limited budget, and especially if you travel with small kids, ask yourself what will be more valuable to you and your loved ones: Time or money? One day less with better amenities may be much more enjoyable.

7. And if you are used to rough it in and your interest is in spending your days at the parks and you want the lowest priced accommodations you can find, you’ll find cheaper off-site.

But here are a few details you need, in order to take an educated decision: you can book a room in the Orlando area for between $29 and $1500+ per night. However, note that, in regular season, if you get a hotel rate for less than $75/day for a family of 4 you are probably going to have complaints on at least one of these, she says: cleanliness, overcrowding, service, amenities.

Beth recommends that you stay in a property that has no less than a 3-star rating. Unless you can feel comfortable in your hotel and get a good night’s sleep, you are not going to enjoy your days at the park.

Most of the bargains are at older facilities. These old hotels/motels grew up with Disney World; they are the Holiday Inns, Howard Johnson’s, and Ramada’s of my parents and grandparents, though they may have different names and ownership now. The hot humid weather of Florida is very hard on buildings and equipment. In this climate, “new” and “renovated” are good words. But if it’s still under construction you may not want to be close to the renovation.

Beth gives many more tips, particularly how and where to book for the cheapest rate, who is entitled to discounts (you may qualify and miss it if you don’t know) and who to ask (some discounts are not mentioned on their site and are only available when you ask!)

In conclusion, I must confess I have not always been smart. I am used to charge the ramparts and do my best and suffer the pain! In this case, had I learn before-hand the tips Beth Haworth gives in her ebook, The Ultimate Disneyworld Savings Guide 2011, I would have economized hundreds of dollars! I am very glad I got it before my next visit to Disney World. We’ll vacation like a queen and a king, and we’ll pay less than we did for a much higher enjoyment.

So, my recommendation, do yourself and your wallet a favor. Buy The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011 e-Book by Beth Haworth. And come back to give our reader your personal opinion.

I am 100% certain you’ll love it AND it will save multiple times what the booklet will cost you.

And take advantage of the FREE 3 Days 2 Nights hotel getaway I offer you, and extend your vacations even more, without stretching your budget!