Hey JP here, thanks for visiting my web page.

I am 55, speak French, English and some Spanish, and live in the US – mostly South California – since 19 years. I travel with my wife Cathy extensively – about 200+ nights in hotels per year.

This is a recent picture of us.

As any traveller, we have to search for information in about every area where we travel. We discovered some very decent deals, products and places, and some absolute gems. We also collected some very useful tools we regularly use and can recommend.

I recently decided to share what we find. In this case, this site will provide you with our best discoveries regarding visiting or vacationing in Disney World.

If you are looking for honest reviews about Disney World, it’s deals, hotels, transportation means, maps and communication tools, etc, you’ve come to the right place. I hope this has helped you make the right decisions. In case you need anything else about Disney World, please feel free to contact me.