Who is Beth Haworth? In her own words, she is one of the world’s biggest Disney fans. “I loved every minute I worked at the park when I was in college and spent almost every minute of my off work time there as well.”

Beth Haworth - DWInsider Beth Haworth is a Former Disney Cast Member, she knows Disney World in and out. From reading her book The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011, you immediately realize how lucky you are to have found her. Her tips and deals are so real, you know she has been there done that. She is the most knowledgeable and caring Disney Tour guide you will ever meet! She will make it possible for you to stick to a budget!

Her readers are raving about the savings they made thanks to the information in her book:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the small, but there, special events weekend listings.  I rebooked today and saved over $700.00 by using just a few simple tricks I had read about since I rec’d a copy just a few days ago.”

“Thank you so much for your excellent book. I bought the book last November and went to Disney in December. On the hotel tip alone I saved $500. I can’t thank you enough. I made the trip as an anniversary gift to my wife for our first anniversary and because of you we got the 5 star treatment while paying the 2 star price!”

“I spent a couple of hours on the phone and secured a studio at SSR for 5 nights for $522.50 total. This same room “rack rate” was $1,569.40 — a savings of $1,046.90 on the room alone.”

“We actually felt like we were professional Disney goers and we’d been doing it all our lives….no stress…pre-planned….wonderful…..all because of your book. Thanks again!”

One of the thing she strongly recommend is to prepare your vacations and develop a budget:

  • The park tickets are purchased in advance at a discount price,
  • The hotel is booked, and
  • Transportation is arranged.

Pay in advance, and save. Work out your finances. Don’t buy on Credit and then spend months or years paying back with huge interest! Be smart with Credit cards! 1st get the money, then apply for the Disney Credit card. Purchase everything for the entire vacation with the Disney card, get tons of discounts and rebates, and Immediately Pay it back!

Budgeting a Disney World vacation is simple and easy until you arrive at the parks with all their temptations. What you could plan from home was the easy part! But now start the real challenge: what you didn’t predict and plan in your budget, the dreaded “impulse” purchases.

Now more than ever, you have to stick to a daily Disney day trip budget for food, drinks, souvenirs, and miscellaneous. How do you prevent the last minute temptations - take only the money you have budgeted with you for the day –  IN CASH; leave the rest in the hotel safe. No Credit card!

If these items aren’t in the budget, you can quickly spend an extra $200+ per day. Instead of having fun, you’ll be worrying about money.

And it is valid both for the kids AND the grown ups! When it’s gone, no more spending. You might love having the Disney logo clothes to wear today, but they won’t be nearly so trendy to your wardrobe once you are back home. Come back an other year with a higher budget if you want, but you felt good with your original budget, so stick to it!.

Trust your child and let him learn the value of money. What he has to spend for souvenirs or treats is what he has. When it is spent for that day, it is spent; if he spends his allotment in the first 30 minutes, he has made a choice to learn from; tomorrow can be a different choice.

Food portions are large at the restaurants, including at service counters. A hamburger and fries can be split between two children, or order a combo meal with an extra sandwich (you may not see the single sandwich as a menu option; just ask for it) and share the fries. Try to buy your sandwiches from a grocery store outside before coming in the morning. Carry some dry drink mixes (Kool Aid, lemonades, tea) and ask for a cup of ice water with your meal instead of a beverage. Two adults can split one meal, or two meals can be shared by three adults, and you will feel more comfortable than stuffing yourself or letting food go to waste. You don’t need to feel cheap or conspicuous when you do this; it is done all the time and no server will frown at you. They will be happy to supply the extra plate. Carry some dry snacks or fruit with you. If you watch your weight carefully, this is a good time to continue to do so.

Finally, do be sure that your budget has allowed $$ for some inevitable impulse buys—so on the last day, you won’t feel deprived and you will be pleased with yourself for winning the Disney challenge—succeeding at Disney on a budget.

I am so grateful for Beth’s sound advices. Her book is literally ”chock full of real savings and even more important, right up to date including current discounts and codes on Disney room offerings. So impressed am I!”

And you want to take advantage of her Disney World vacation packages: “Periodically Disney provides attractive discounts on vacation packages for the value and moderate resorts. I have received information on these promotions because I have provided Disney with contact information several ways: using a Disney Visa card, participating in surveys at the park, registering at the Disney World online site, and taking behind the scenes tours at the parks.”

Thank you Beth for the terrific value you so generously offer to your readers in your The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011. If you could spend the time to put all this information in writing and keep it current, I could not do any less than let my readers know about it. :-)

JP Bersier

Sincerely, JP

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