After having fully read her ebook The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011, I am amazed at the value Beth Haworth offers. My wife and myself would have economized hundreds of Dollars if we had had this information earlier! the good news, we will economize much more next time, and in addition we will get many times the value for our money.

This is an honest and unbiased review of The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011 e-Book, by Beth Haworth. If you just want to buy the book, just click here!

UDWSG by Beth Haworth

In her constantly updated ebook (many times per month!), Beth Haworth gives 145 pages of packed information, savings and tips about how to enjoy the most memorable and exquisite Disney World vacations 2011 at the best cost. She truly understands how to travel cheaper while traveling smarter and in style!

While I won’t nor cannot summarize her work in a few words, I want to share  some highlights!

In one section, Beth gives precise details about how she and her readers routinely spend less than $100/night for a 5 star Disney resort, with complimentary airport shuttle service, extra park hours, free transportation from the airport or free parking at the parks when one drives in. This can only be achieved with insider knowledge. However, it is not a matter of luck and it is not a matter of if. It is simply knowing how to, and preparing in advance! Beth tells you a secret: how ONE Hour of work can create an economy of $2500 for a one week vacation for 4 persons at the world famous Walt Disney World! This is why I personally call it THE ULTIMATE DISNEY WORLD SAVING GUIDE (link)

However, she also acknowledges 7 reasons why one would/should consider staying anywhere else than at a 5 star Home Away From Home Disney Resort:

1. If you are staying more than 5 days, you may not want to pay double cost for a Friday and a Saturday night. So stay off-site. (Note from Yours Truly: This is when you want to take advantage of my FREE 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS OFFER (Link))

2. If you have more persons in your group than can be accommodated in one room or suite or if you want a larger space. Or,

3. If you want extra amenities such as more privacy, work-out facilities, private swimming pool. And,

4. If you want laundry facilities in your unit. You’d need to stay off-site.

Beth mentions several options in Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, and further out in Winter Garden, Clermont, and Altamonte Springs. The options are:

 Hotels/motels

And, if you have a large number in your party, your most economical choice would possibly be

 Homes  Condos and villas

The best deals are in the off-season when hotels may be running at only 25% capacity.

5. If you need to stay close to a variety of low cost restaurants. Food in the resort area often costs 1 1/2 to 2 times what it does cost outside the park. Note that Beth did check on the policy of the resort, and you are allowed to bring your own drinks and food inside the gate, from a Grocery store.  She also tell about certain restrictions you don’t want to miss. (This alone can save you hundreds of dollars!)

6. If there are other locations you want to visit, such as Sea World or Universal Studios, it could be more convenient to stay closer to those.

But, as Beth recommends, make sure to ask the following questions and to study the map of the area before booking. This will allow you to avoid extra expenses and more importantly wasting precious vacation time for transportation. It may actually cost you more than the few dollars a “cheaper” hotel would save you if you need transportation to the park,

  • Does the hotel have a shuttle?
  • Is it free?
  • How long does it take to get to the park?
  • How many stops does it make?
  • How frequently does the shuttle run? Some have several in the morning, a couple in the afternoon, then several at closing. Some don’t!
  • Which parks are serviced by the shuttle? The shuttle may go to only one or two parks, and you will have to transfer to the park of your choice via Disney transportation.

All in all, you could waste hours in crowded transport before AND after you day at the park.

In summary, if you only have a limited budget, and especially if you travel with small kids, ask yourself what will be more valuable to you and your loved ones: Time or money? One day less with better amenities may be much more enjoyable.

7. And if you are used to rough it in and your interest is in spending your days at the parks and you want the lowest priced accommodations you can find, you’ll find cheaper off-site.

But here are a few details you need, in order to take an educated decision: you can book a room in the Orlando area for between $29 and $1500+ per night. However, note that, in regular season, if you get a hotel rate for less than $75/day for a family of 4 you are probably going to have complaints on at least one of these, she says: cleanliness, overcrowding, service, amenities.

Beth recommends that you stay in a property that has no less than a 3-star rating. Unless you can feel comfortable in your hotel and get a good night’s sleep, you are not going to enjoy your days at the park.

Most of the bargains are at older facilities. These old hotels/motels grew up with Disney World; they are the Holiday Inns, Howard Johnson’s, and Ramada’s of my parents and grandparents, though they may have different names and ownership now. The hot humid weather of Florida is very hard on buildings and equipment. In this climate, “new” and “renovated” are good words. But if it’s still under construction you may not want to be close to the renovation.

Beth gives many more tips, particularly how and where to book for the cheapest rate, who is entitled to discounts (you may qualify and miss it if you don’t know) and who to ask (some discounts are not mentioned on their site and are only available when you ask!)

In conclusion, I must confess I have not always been smart. I am used to charge the ramparts and do my best and suffer the pain! In this case, had I learn before-hand the tips Beth Haworth gives in her ebook, The Ultimate Disneyworld Savings Guide 2011, I would have economized hundreds of dollars! I am very glad I got it before my next visit to Disney World. We’ll vacation like a queen and a king, and we’ll pay less than we did for a much higher enjoyment.

So, my recommendation, do yourself and your wallet a favor. Buy The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2011 e-Book by Beth Haworth. And come back to give our reader your personal opinion.

I am 100% certain you’ll love it AND it will save multiple times what the booklet will cost you.

And take advantage of the FREE 3 Days 2 Nights hotel getaway I offer you, and extend your vacations even more, without stretching your budget!






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