Hi, JP here, to tell you about a resource I found when researching what kind of savings could be  available when vacationing at Disney World, a booklet called the “Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide“.

I travel extensively — over 200 nights a year in hotels, mainly around the US — and it has become true to me that a little preparation goes a long way in terms of savings. And this turned out to be particularly true when vacationing at Disney World.

Saving takes many aspects — one is obviously money, but just as important is time. If I have only five days to take a Disney World vacation, every minute saved by proper preparation adds up in more hours of vacationing before we have to leave.

Another important saving in my eyes is the emotional savings! I don’t know about you, but my vacations fast turn into hell when my wife or my kids find grounds to give me a hard time. And I found out that justifications only work to a small degree, especially when after traveling so much, I sure should have known better!

So I did some homework, and found Beth Haworth’s Savings Guide. I read it cover to cover, and here is my opinion about it:

Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

She calls it The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, and her title is very appropriate. She has put together an amazing collection of tips, and for $30 she over-delivers.

She goes into details (my absolute favorite saving tip in the guide) about where to lodge: inside or outside the resort. And while I knew (like any seasoned traveler) that outside the resort would be much cheaper, she provides a detailed step-by-step outline about how to get the unforgettable 5-star treatment inside at cheaper rates than the common 3-star “be grateful for what you have” miseries regular hotels around the corner have to offer.

She then explains in very simple terms how to get cheaper tickets. This is something I had spent some time researching personally before finding her guide, and my conclusion was that the tickets are the tickets, and no-one, without exceptions can sell them cheaper. There seems to simply be NO Disney World deals whatsoever for resort tickets!

However, Beth’s knowledge of Walt Disney World is such that she explains in very simple to understand terms how to economize a couple hundred bucks when buying the resort tickets. She also tells about free or discounted tickets, where to find them and what to check for so you don’t just get scammed and waste money and time.

Further, Beth has some very cool tips about how to deal with transportation, caring for small children, buying souvenirs, etc, all too numerous to mention here. Made me realize how much smoother my vacations can be now that I know these tips. I would have been sorry!

Her secrets and strategies about dining are absolutely priceless. Not only can you save bundles following her tips, but you can 10x the fun if you’re properly informed. Just knowing when to book what show/dinner will determine if you’ll be there or if you’ll be square.

Another aspect where she shines is about what theme park to see and in what sequence. The tip on page 72 about what park to see first and which to go to last will make a huge difference in the mood, restlessness and level of interest of your smaller children. You’ll be grateful you found out.

Last but not least, she has tons of tips for Florida residents – including what NOT to do for non-Florida residents – for UK residents, military personnel, about scooters, strollers, pets, wheelchairs, photographs, weddings, and on and on.

And don’t miss her Current Discounts and Specials section. Beth organized some special discounts with local restaurants, hotels, suppliers and vendors for her readers only, and just those will give you back many times the price of her guide.

And finally, Beth has a section called What’s New in the Update? which she updates very regularly – often many times per month – to provide her readers with the latest news, discounts, shows, restaurants coupons, hotel specials, attractions, etc, etc.




Probably not!

First, you have to shell out the value of a meal for two, ($30).

Second, I have heard people saying that you can get all this information on websites like the TripAdvisor for free. Is it true? Possibly. There are 45 millions reviews listed on that site alone!

Third, her guide is 145 pages long, and is packed with valuable information. It is easy to read, but it does take a few hours to get through the whole thing, and a few more to put it to use.



Despite the above, my response is YES, definitely YES!

- Beth’s goal is to help her readers always get the most value for their vacation dollar and the most magic out of every vacation minute. Looking at enjoying a week at the famous Disney World resort, with a spouse and let’s say 2 kids, we are realistically looking at spending 1 to 2 months of hard earned income! This guide will potentially allow one to get whatever he/she wants for half what one would have to pay without having Beth’s knowledge to hand. To give you an example of one 8 days/7 nights trip budget for 4 people – (2 adults, 2 children), Beth spent $1984. That’s less than $250 per day, or about $60 per day per person! And this included transportation, 5 nights at a Deluxe Disney Villa, dining at Disney restaurants, tickets that could get us into every Disney World Park, and souvenirs. You could easily spend as much just for a decent hotel – meaning clean, not fancy – and 2 frugal meals each, outside of the resort.

- Once one knows about a potential saving, one can probably find it even cheaper by searching on the internet! But I know I’d have missed 75% of her revealed savings just because I had no idea they even existed!

- If you only use 2 or 3 per cent of her tips, you can economize hundreds of dollars, possibly have your kid eat in the arm of Cinderella, or sleep in a Toy Story decorated room, with free transport from and to the airport for the same price as a cheap hotel outside the resort.

- There are expenses you cannot avoid, such as hotel, food and transport. If you had been to Disney World 10 times, you’d have knowledge that would allow you to save a lot of money just because you have the experience. Well, Beth has worked at the DisneyWorld resort, and she used to vacation at the resort once or twice per year for an entire week, year after year with her husband and their 2 children. She accumulated more experience than most of us could ever dream of acquiring, and she has been kind enough to put it in writing. Further, she keeps updating her work again and again, often multiple times each month. To me, even if I’d spend $100 to economize $200, it would be worth it. What about you? And she only asks for $30 while providing potential savings of $2-3000 per vacation!

So, if you want to get the most value for your vacation dollar and the most magic out of every minute while you are there, go ahead and visit Beth Howarth’s site and get yourself a copy of her Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.


You’ll be happy you did!

Sincerely, JP




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